Platform Selection & Business Validation

At Sharper Solutions, we believe in simplicity. Successful transformation initiatives are based on simple operating models and that's why we want to make it easy for you to work with us. We offer a number of predefined engagements which you can choose from to start our partnership together, designed to help us understand exactly where you are in your transformation journey, and to give you solid actionable outcomes to deliver continued success.

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Platform Selection Strategy



We’ll take a comprehensive look at the potential solutions which could be used to meet your business objectives. Perhaps you have a platform or solution in mind and want to validate with industry experts that it will meet your requirements. We’ll bring our product analysis and experience, and evaluate potential solutions with you, both new and those which may already exist in your organization.


Change Management Strategy



This engagement will help you understand the change management tasks you’ll need to undertake in your organization due to the introduction of new features or capabilities within your transformation initiative. This will cover both user behavior and process changes, and other system or technology integration points within the company.


Platform Adoption Impact



In this session we’ll help determine what impact your digital transformation initiative will have within your business. Referring back to the business goals we’ll help to define a series of processes and benchmarks required to successfully implement and measure the progress during the adoption phase. This engagement will help you develop the change management tasks for management, users and advocates to ensure the business goals are met.


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