How We Can Help

Platform Selection Strategy

Understanding the capabilities of new and existing tools and platforms prior to implementation and how they relate to your business requirements is essential to success.


Change Management Strategy

Change management is a holistic practice that requires a technology strategy, communications strategy, and people strategy to be successful.


Platform Adoption Impact Factor

Understanding the impact of a transformational platform adoption at the beginning of the process instead of figuring it out as you go gives you a significant advantage in staying ahead of the changes your project will produce.


Platform Selection & Business Validation

Digital transformation centers around combining the right tools with the right ideas to deliver successful outcomes. Your business requirements form the basis for the selection of the tools and services you need to deliver that success. The quality of your end product is determined by how well your skills, vision and requirements are able to combine through the course of selection and implementation.

Knowing What You're Really Buying

Your digital transformation goes further than just installing a new platform, creating some tutorials and telling people to start using it. You need to own both the business impact and the change management process across the organization - from requirements gathering to ongoing system updates during business-as-usual.

Many people think that simply checking off a feature list against your requirements is platform selection. Whilst your requirements are pivotal in selecting the right platform, your desired features and functions are just a component part of the overall vision you need to understand in order to select the best platforms over time.

There are many feature-packed enterprise platforms out there that will let you check most requirement boxes upfront, but they can also be very difficult for employees to use, and difficult to maintain. There are also plenty of lighter weight products that are relatively slim on features but very simple to implement. You need to consider which combination of tools fit best on your transformation journey.

We can help you navigate the complex dynamics around platform selection so that you can be successful from launch through successful ongoing BAU.

You Need More Than Just A Technology Road Map

Your road map to success needs more than technology implementation milestones on it. You need to include communications, measurement and user milestones in order to properly account for the variables that will deliver the success your organization demands.

Our operationally diverse teams understand the complex factors leading to transformation success and will work with you to create and socialize your road map with maximum opportunity for success.

There's No Such Thing as a Perfect Fit

Platforms are like people. None of them are perfect. Each has their strengths and weaknesses across many facets of their operation and their success relies on your organization being able to adapt where necessary in order to generate maximum business value.

No platform is ever going to meet every requirement out-of-the-box. Your appetite for customizations will have a direct correlation on the long-term viability and outcome of your initiative. Very careful consideration is needed at the outset to ensure you're on the right path.

A skilled transformation practitioner knows how to define a well-built platform regardless of the current feature set. They create a relationship with the vendor where you as the customer drive your needs and requirements into the core product road map. Customizations are rarely planned and maintained correctly by those who build them, and they can create technical debt as soon as you start to build them.

We can help you avoid the expensive mistakes people often make around platform customizations while still delivering on the core value your transformation will bring to the organization.