Our Methods

At Sharper Solutions, we believe that every business can and should work better than it does. We've had a lot of practice helping businesses make things work better, and what we've learned is that the best companies understand that a state of change is the norm, not the exception, especially when it comes to technology. The challenge is figuring out how to make solid decisions about technology when the world around you is anything but solid.

Our methods revolve around 4 basic principals. Empirical decision making, good governance, using existing resources better, and sharpening your design and content strategy.

Empirical Decision Making

Measurement is your ability to understand the variables at play in a situation and apply meaningful values to them over time. Measurement gives your team credibility and removes doubt from decision making. Measurement allows you to directly attribute your actions to outcomes in an indisputable way.

Measurement, Analytics, Reporting, Big Data & Testing

Success Through Governance

Enterprise governance is reinforcing positive actions and disincentivizing negative actions. You need to be able to set sound reasonable policy and be ready for those who do and don't follow it. You need a 100:1 carrot to stick ratio when you enforce policy and you need to know how to communicate in a tone people will respond to.

Policies, Incentives, Decisions, Tone, and Change Management


Leveraging Untapped Value in your Company

Your digital community and the formal and informal dynamics that come with it are one of the most overlooked aspects in the success of digital transformation. Groups of people online with a shared purpose can be scary things that must be managed carefully. You must always be balancing the needs of management and that of your community in order to serve both well. With a community you can rarely dictate and must always be willing to listen to all parties and take what they have to say seriously. Online communities may get ugly at times - but the advantage is that it's done in the open and can be resolved meaningfully whereas water-cooler rumors can never be addressed.

User Management, Online Community Dynamics, People Systems, Advocates, Identities and User Generated Content

Improving Outcomes through Sharp Design & Sharper Content

Design is your ability to make something useful and content is the vehicle with which you communicate.  You can have the best content but it doesn't mean anything if users can't easily get to it. The same is true in reverse. You can have the best designed system but it's less effective if the content being served doesn't communicate your outcomes well. This is why your content strategy and design strategy must always work together both conceptually in how to set goals and tangibly in how you operate your teams.

User Experience, Customer Experience, Search, Personalization, Content Strategy, Editorial Strategy and Localization