How We Can Help

Analytics by Use-Case

Analytics platforms are not effective unless you understand how to apply your goals and use-cases to your digital assets.


Benchmarking Strategy

Your measurement strategy and delivery performance cannot be created without benchmarks to measure the impact of your actions.


Measurement Plan Development

Your measurement plan states in simple terms what dimensions, metrics, and comparison ranges will be used to measure the success of your transformation.


Measurement & Analytics

Digital analytics allow you to apply the effect of your customer's digital experiences to the language of your business goals. You create digital experiences that support business goals, configure your analytics systems to associate those goals to specific customer actions, and build reports that show the performance of your digital initiative in a goal performance vs. specific experience context.

Setting The Terms of Success

When you begin to measure anything you first need to establish a benchmark. You can't measure progress if you don't have a starting point to work from. Less experienced organizations often show concern that benchmarks may reveal a weakness or they skip the step entirely. The experienced practitioner understands the fundamental importance of this first step because they know that setting benchmarks allows you to set the basis for success and rate your ongoing performance easily.

We can help you own the measurement process, define your benchmarks, and allow you to set the terms of success for your transformation project.

Choosing What to Measure

It's a general rule in digital analytics that only 1% of your data is capable of providing real business insight and everything else is noise. Collecting every piece of data you can in the hope it might yield insight is an increasingly expensive and risky proposition. A strategic process of collecting smaller amounts of intelligent data that can be quickly assessed for business value is a smarter way to go but requires an experienced team to know what to look for and where to find it.

Our team has years of experience in measurement and analytics. We can help you formalize your business goals into an analytics framework and help you apply it to your digital experiences and processes. This allows you to gain insight into the effectiveness of your experiences as well as optimize them continuously as you measure the impact against your benchmarks.

Reports That Mean Something

You can create the most beautiful dashboards but they won't help you unless you've configured them to reflect the language of your business - not the language of a data analyst. You can avoid confusing reports and questions about the value of your investment if your reports are based on your business goals. When properly implemented, virtually anyone can understand what an analytics dashboard says about your business because it serves to answer simple business questions understood by everyone.