Our People

At Sharper Solutions we take our people seriously. We hand-pick leaders in digital transformation across the enterprise and agency landscape to join our team in order to deliver outstanding quality and value to our clients. Our teams always include both generalists and specialists to ensure both the forest and the trees are always factored into the strategy of any client project. 

Meet Our Principals

Tim Wike | Principal & Co-Founder

Tim is a visionary leader in business and technology. His multifunctional experience spans numerous businesses, markets and verticals which enables him to see strategic potential others miss and unlock value by executing change management programs that achieve positive outcomes. 

Tim’s emphasis on change management and transformation within the enterprise has yielded successful delivery of large-scale transformation initiatives based on a combination of strategic vision, tactical ability and an effective team mobilization strategy. Tim is a prominent figure in the enterprise collaboration software area and has advised hundreds of companies in this space.

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Darien Varner | Principal & Co-Founder

Darien has been an innovator in the digital technology industry for over 15 years. Through his various roles working at startups, agencies and client-side engagements, Darien has accrued a tremendous depth of knowledge in the digital space and has left a trail of ROI vetted successes to prove it. 

Darien specializes in user experience and measurement- which he has found to be the key to unlocking a truly successful digital transformation strategy.  He has a proven track record of building and leading Customer Experience (CX) strategies at Fortune 500 Companies that drive growth and customer retention. Darien leads a unified CX practice that incorporates business analysis, measurement, user experience, and content marketing in order to drive growth for clients.

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HK Dunston | Principal

HK guides organizations through the strategy, product design, communications and operations of software products. 

HK recently led the Digital Communications team at Thomson Reuters, envisioning and successfully launching a  transformative intranet, a comprehensive web platform infrastructure to house 600+ websites and a enterprise-scale social media program. Prior to that, she worked at Katzenbach Partners, where she led the Experience Design team, tasked with instilling strategy initiatives with design thinking, as well as developing software products and concepts. She began working on internet projects in 1995, when she joined one of the first web design studios, and found her calling.

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