Sharper Solutions improves the effectiveness of communication, collaboration and measurement within your organization.

What We Do

Sharper Solutions brings experience and wisdom to digital transformation projects ensuring success and maximizing the business value of your initiative. 

We don't preach conventional wisdom. We know what works and what doesn't ensuring you won't make the same mistakes your peers have already learned from.

How We Operate

We operate across business, technology, customer experience, analytics, content strategy and people management because we believe these must all be blended and directly addressed in order to succeed on any enterprise digital transformation project.

Our team will work with you at any point in the transformation process from discovery through business-as-usual to ensure your project is a success. Our data-driven approach yields insight, maximizes outcomes and drives growth and opportunity across your organization.

Core Capabilities

Sharper Solutions consultants have a deep understanding of enterprise digital transformation. Our core team combines a wide set of skills, experience and industry expertise that sets us apart from the competition. We will help you deliver the following:

  • Measurement and benchmarking your existing performance and processes ensuring you can understand the value of the project and communicate it to stakeholders and influencers
  • Business case development for new and ongoing transformation initiatives that will get you the resources you need
  • Planning and execution of migration, integration, training and support strategies that make you successful quickly and smoothly
  • Marketing and communications transformations that optimize both your input and output through enterprise content marketing strategies, best-in-class SEO & SEM stratgies, and advanced competition monitoring so that new and existing customers are always a a click away regardless of digital channel.   
  • Implementation plans and strategies for internet and intranet solutions that unlock business value from your internal and external audiences
  • Community management, strategy, and training programs that leverage your existing people and communities to maximum effect

For more detailed information about our capabilities see our Services, Engagements or check out Our Methods.

Technology Expertise

The Sharper team specializes in the creation, execution and management of enterprise digital transformation projects. Our team are leading experts in Jive Software implementations across industry verticals.

We also have expertise in the following technologies, spanning all aspects of enterprise management including but not limited to Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Oracle, Workday, SAP, Infor, Sugar, BOX, Atlassian, and Adobe

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