How We Can Help

Community Health Check

Understanding the dynamics driving your customer or internal community behavior allows you to create a roadmap to increase community effectiveness which is a major driver in customer retention and user trust.


Targeted Community Advancement Planning

User communities can be fickle but are also incredibly elastic. If you know your community you can stimulate growth and manage changes as they come.


Community Manager Identification Process

Your greatest community assets are already within your company, you just need the skills to identify those assets and use them to their greatest potential.


Enterprise Community Management

Your people are the most valuable assets your company has. The relationships between them define the success of your business. A healthy community with strong vision, direction and growth will form a solid foundation for successful business outcomes. All communities need managing to some extent, and your enterprise community management strategy will need to be built into your core operating model.

Transformation and Community Management

Regardless of how simple or complex your transformation initiative is, you're going to need to change the way people work with each other, and with your organization. You need the support of your community for the change to be successful and often, you'll be building new communities to drive strategic change in your company. 

The most successful digital transformation initiatives work with their communities from the beginning, first by listening. If your community feels like they are part of the process, they'll embrace the change and help you to make it successful.

Whatever the state of your existing communities, it is vital you understand what the benchmark is before you begin on a transformation project. 

Finding your Community Manager

All communities have leaders. Some have been formally assigned that role, others use their natural influence to lead. Either way, you'll need to identify those leaders within your communities and use them to your advantage. 

Depending on the stage of your journey, you may be looking for some community management structure to improve the outcomes in your business. Our experts can help identify and train the people already leading and influencing and help to enhance their positions, or even identify experts externally who would fit directly into your community.

Building your Networks

When you've identified your community leaders, you need to make sure they have the right framework in place to help you achieve your business outcomes. Building and maintaining networks of advocates will help the community members understand the true extent of the transformation process and how it affects them.