How We Can Help

Business Case Development

Need to justify a transformation project internally? Our team works with you to create a compelling data-driven business case that you can use to get your project approved.

Platform Selection & Business Validation

Sharper Solutions works with you and your stakeholders to create a robust set of business requirements and validates potential solutions against those requirements ensuring you get the right platform to meet your business needs.

Measurement & Analytics

We work with your teams to define the optimal measurement practice for your organization from bench-marking, to metadata management to reporting.

Community Management

Our expert enterprise community managers work with you to optimize your enterprise community management objectives and help you improve quality and effectiveness.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the simultaneous change in operations, technology platforms, communications, and content strategy within a business as a result of an external paradigm shift in technology, and by extension user behavior.

Transformation: Adapting to new paradigms

Transformation can seem like a daunting and unwelcome task as it usually follows an external market disruption that you need to react to. The skilled digital practitioner sees these moments as opportunities to seize the upper hand and be the first to transform in order to beat the competition and improve overall market position.

A good example of an external shift driving transformation is the rise of Facebook as a new ubiquitous digital identity and communication method. Facebook created a paradigm in which users expect to have a single "true" social identity they use to interact with the digital world around them seamlessly. Now both your customers and employees expect you to respect their true identity "just like Facebook" by letting them to use their unified digital presence to interact, comment, produce and manage their everyday life. Facebook driving the customer expectation of a unified user identity is just one example of an external factor that drives transformation.

Transformation is a Repeatable Process if You Have a Partner

New organizations can build new paradigms right into the core of their business at the onset effectively costing them nothing. Established businesses with disconnected identity and communication systems must transform their operations,  products and working methods to meet the new demands of the marketplace before the competition reduced their market share.

Change management continues to rise in priority for businesses as technology and human behavior drive ever tighter time scales and increased expectations from customers and employees. Quickly establishing new teams and processes always identifies the contradiction in which the skills you need to successfully build the new team are exactly the skills you’re trying to hire.

What you need is a temporary team of industry leading experts to get things going, create the groundwork for a sustainable practice, and leave you to operate your new entity as your own. The consulting approach to transformation is not one of a fixed set of approaches. It's a unique key ingredient to transforming quickly and effectively in the face of rapidly evolving markets.

Make Your Company Sharper 

Sharper is a consulting firm dedicated to helping you with your transformation. Our consultants are highly experienced cross-industry veterans selected to provide leadership and direction on all aspects of your digital transformation. Our focus is holistic and measures your business, technology, and people dynamics as related entities in order to address the fundamental challenges of change management.

You can learn more about services in this section or contact us if you have specific questions or requirements.