Community Management

At Sharper Solutions, we believe in simplicity. Successful transformation initiatives are based on simple operating models and that's why we want to make it easy for you to work with us. We offer a number of predefined engagements which you can choose from to start our partnership together, designed to help us understand exactly where you are in your transformation journey, and to give you solid actionable outcomes to deliver continued success.

Community Health Check



During this engagement, we’ll work with you to understand how your existing community functions, what the purpose of it is, and where the most value exists within it.

We can provide industry analysis to benchmark your progress, helping drive the strategy as you embark on your digital transformation journey. After this engagement, you’ll have a direction to target underperforming areas of the community, and a strategy to further improve high performing functions.


Targeted Community Advancement Planning



If you understand the health of your community, you’ll have a great idea of exactly which areas of your community perform well and which need work to unlock the value in your organization.

During this engagement, we’ll help plan advanced community management initiatives to leverage the high performing areas of the community, the advocates and the influencers to improve the overall effectiveness of your community to provide more value to your business.


Community Manager Identification Process



Whether you’re searching for your first community manager, or you’re adding community management resources as your initiative grows, we’ll use our industry expertise to help you find exactly the right community manager for your needs. This could be a dedicated resource somewhere within your company, it could be shared resources via an internal advocates network, or it could be a new external hire from somewhere with similar business goals. We can help you discover the right resources to move your community forward.


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