Business Case Development

At Sharper Solutions, we believe in simplicity. Successful transformation initiatives are based on simple operating models and that's why we want to make it easy for you to work with us. We offer a number of predefined engagements which you can choose from to start our partnership together, designed to help us understand exactly where you are in your transformation journey, and to give you solid actionable outcomes to deliver continued success.

Business Goal Consensus



We’ll help you define and structure the business goals for your initiative. Your goals should be clear, actionable, measurable and easy to understand so that you have a strong foundation for transforming your business. A solid set of business objectives will be vital to creating a successful business case and will form the basis of your measurement plan to demonstrate the ROI and success your initiative will bring to your business.


Business Requirement Capture



High level business requirements will form the basis for the technical and non-technical changes ahead. A robust set of business requirements that clearly explain all aspects of the initiative, what the outcomes should be and where the various touch points or integrations are will ensure you have a starting point for all related activities, and a reference to refer back to throughout the implementation.


ROI Strategy & Justification



We’ll help you determine how to measure the effect of the transformational change in your organization and how you will demonstrate success to your peers and leaders across the organization. This can include financial projections for cost savings, cost avoidance, and growth projections as well as benefits around employee engagement and wellbeing.

We’ll also help you decide exactly who your audience should be for the business case - both to maximize the efforts to receive funding and gain advocates, and to ensure your users realize the overall business benefits.


Looking for an engagement you don't see here?

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