How We Can Help

Business Goal Consensus

You business goals are the foundation for virtually every meaningful metric your project will need for success.


Business Requirement Capture

Simple, refined, high-level business requirements that anyone can understand starts your transformation off with excellent communications.


ROI Strategy & Justification

A key component to the business case is providing the justification that it’s a worthwhile venture.


Building Your Business Case

Your business case is the documentation you use to request funding and resources to be assigned to a new business initiative, and to explain the business drivers behind the project. You will need structured research, business analytics, financials, and key performance metrics that are incorporated into a compelling narrative in order to convince others your initiative will have a measurable positive effect on the business.

Getting Your Facts Straight

Building your business case should be an act of discovery and refinement. You start by documenting your current state and defining the business goals and objectives for the initiative. To move forward with the necessary funding and resources without delay, you need experts who will help you define the scope of research and reporting that will best convey the value of your project to your business.

Live the Analysis

You will find that as your analysis progresses, your approach to the business case may need to change. New insight often generates new outcomes. While your business case is there to prove to others that your idea has merit, it's also needed to validate to your own team that you're on the right path. We will help you interpret the research and advise on any course corrections that will improve the impact of your business case.

Experienced transformation practitioners know that validating your assumptions significantly improves the outcome.

Knowing Your Multi-Dimensional Audience

You've figured out what you need to make your enterprise better and you need to get others on board. Your business case will help you get management and financial support but what about everyone else you need to make the project succeed? What about selling the idea downward, horizontally, and with other like-minded businesses both internally and externally to secure the cooperation and input you will need in order to be successful?

Transformation projects by definition are multi-dimensional therefore you will need to sell the idea differently to different audiences. We will help you identify the audiences that you will encounter over the course of your project and ensure your business case can easily be adapted to convey the value of the project and allow them to do the same with their stakeholders.

Writing A Compelling Business Narrative

It's common advice that when trying to convey a complicated concept it is best to tell a story. This is just as true in business matters. Your business case should use data and language tailored to establishing entities, their relationships, their conflicts, and their ultimate resolution in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

We can be your editor and work with you to craft your business case into a compelling narrative powered by an empirically driven analysis process.